This year-long course is targeted at students with backgrounds in art, film, or computer science who intend to work in the visual effects, animation, and entertainment industries. It will build upon students' knowlege from related courses to guide them through the digital animation production process in an environment similar to industry production houses. We will survey many advanced topics and allow students to focus on a subset they find interesting while collaborating with their team to develop a 30-second animation piece. The course will be enhanced with industry guest lectures.

In the Fall of 2014 the topics will include story and character development, manual and procedural modeling, advanced character rigging, set design, manual and procedural camera animation, and manual, procedural, AI-driven, and data-driven animation.

In the Spring of 2015 the topics will include visual art design, sound and foley design, visual effects, shading, lighting, rendering, optimization, and advanced image composition.

In order to take this course, you need to have take at least two courses from the following list: Art 172, Art 175, CS 184, CS 284, UCBUGG (Highly encouraged!)

If you sign up for this course, you are committing to taking it in both the Fall and Spirng semesters.

The course is held in 606 Soda Hall, WF 1:00-3:00PM PST. Reserved lab time in 200 SDH is on Monday from 1:00-3:00PM, but this time may be used for guest lecturers depending on their availability.

The final grade will be based upon weekly homework assignments, participation in critiques, and confidential peer evaluation (each contributing to 1/3 of the grade). In addition, the final group deliverable can bump everyone in the group up or down a +/- level. Feedback (including current grades) will be provided mid-semester.

Homework grades are based on work done by the individual that week. Most assignments are group based and presented in class, so the homework submission will just be a text document describing your individual contributions with supporting links. Homework grades are based on a 10 point system with a penalty for being late as follows:

You are given 3 slip days to use during the semester. After exhausting your 3 slips, every day (or portion there of) that an assignment is late will take off 1 point. Your lowest HW score will be thrown out.

1 LOCATION: 306 Soda
Weeks Date Instructor Lecture Topic Resources Assignments Due
Week 0 Wed 2015.01.21 Dan Garcia, James F. O'Brien Progress Review    
  Fri 2015.01.23 Olivia Lai Shetler Art Direction 1    
Week 1 Mon 2015.01.26 Critique    
  Wed 2015.01.28 Ellen Su (ex-Moonbot Studios) Art Direction 2    
  Fri 2015.01.30 Lab Work Session    
Week 3 Mon 2015.02.02 Critique    
  Wed 2015.02.04 James F. O'Brien Color    
  Fri 2015.02.06 Lab Work Session    
Week 4 Mon 2015.02.09 Paul Kanyuk (Pixar) Shading/Rendering 1    
  Wed 2015.02.11 Critique    
  Fri 2015.02.13 Lab Work Session    
Week 5 Mon 2015.02.16 Critique    
  Wed 2015.02.18 Sarah Beth Eisinger (Pixar) Effects 1    
  Fri 2015.02.20   Lab Work Session    
Week 6 Mon 2015.02.23 Derek Nowrouzezahrai Modern Image Synthesis Talk @ Wozniak Lounge, 4th Floor Soda    
  Wed 2015.02.25 Critique    
  Fri 2015.02.27 Juan de Joya Best Practices Demo @ Lab    
Week 7 Mon 2015.03.02 Anna Kvorning (LAIKA),
Dave Vandervoort (LAIKA)
Story Critique    
  Wed 2015.03.04 Matt Wong (Pixar) Effects 2    
  Fri 2015.03.06 Lab Work Session + GDC Trip    
Week 8 Mon 2015.03.09 Michelle Fang (Minted) Critique    
  Wed 2015.03.11 Michael Ball (CS10)
Angelica Inguanzo (UC Berkeley)
Lighting + Compositing 1    
  Fri 2015.03.13   Lab Work Session    
Week 9 Mon 2015.03.16   Critique    
  Wed 2015.03.18 Paul Kanyuk (Pixar) Effects 3    
  Fri 2015.03.20   Lab Work Session    
Week 11 Mon 2015.03.23 SPRING BREAK      
  Wed 2015.03.25 SPRING BREAK      
  Fri 2015.03.27 SPRING BREAK      
Week 11 Mon 2015.03.30 Critique    
  Wed 2015.04.01   Lighting + Compositing 2    
  Fri 2015.04.03   Lab Work Session    
Week 12 Mon 2015.04.06   Work Sessions    
  Wed 2015.04.08 Tolga Goktekin (Pixar) Effects 4    
  Fri 2015.04.10 Sara Drakeley, Hendrik Panz (WDAS) Lab Session    
Week 13 Mon 2015.04.13 Wendy Sparks (UC Berkeley) Critique    
  Wed 2015.04.15 TBA Work Session    
  Fri 2015.04.17   Work Session    
Week 14 Mon 2015.04.20 Hank Driskill (WDAS) Critique    
  Wed 2015.04.22   Work Session    
  Fri 2015.04.24 Ed Chen (Pixar) Critique    
Week 14 Mon 2015.04.27   Critique    
  Wed 2015.04.29   Work Session    
  Fri 2015.05.01 Andrew Boyd (Visceral Studios, EA) Sound Design    
Week 15 Mon 2015.05.04   RRR Week    
  Thu 2015.05.07   UCBUGG Showing (9:00AM - 11:00AM)
CNM Showing (12:30PM - 2:00PM)
Week 16 Tue 2015.05.12   FINAL EXAM (12:00NN - 2:00PM)    
  Thu 2015.05.21   EA Studio Tour (10:00AMM - 12:00NN)
ILM Studio Tour (02:00PM - 04:00PM)