Course Calendar (Fall 2014, Tentative)

Weeks Date Instructor Lecture Topic Resources Assignments Due
Week 1 Wed 2014.08.27   NO CLASS    
  Fri 2014.08.29 Dan Garcia, James F. O'Brien, Juan de Joya, Meghana Seshadri Course Overview Syllabus  
Week 2 Mon 2014.09.01   NO LAB    
  Wed 2014.09.03 Dan Garcia, James F. O'Brien Storytelling Story Spine

Using the Story Spine
Designing A Pixar Film

The Art of Storytelling

The 22 rules of storytelling, according to Pixar
  Fri 2014.09.05 Olivia Shetler, Jeffrey Yeh (Intel), Alex Seflinger Story Pitches, First Round Syllabus  
Week 3 Mon 2014.09.08 Prasad Narse, Munuu Naina, Brandon Clements (I.M. Possible) I.M Possible Q&A    
  Wed 2014.09.10 James F. O'Brien, Juan de Joya, Meghana Seshadri Storytelling 2 Andrew Stanton's TED Talk  
  Fri 2014.09.12   Story Pitches, Second Round    
Week 4 Mon 2014.09.15 Ellen Su (Space Bound) Space Bound Q&A    
  Wed 2014.09.17 Juan de Joya, Meghana Seshadri Storytelling 3    
  Fri 2014.09.19 Olivia Shetler, Wesley Fuh Story Pitches, Third Round    
Week 5 Mon 2014.09.22   Story Work Session    
  Wed 2014.09.24 Ketrina Yim (Phase Space) Storytelling 5, Character Design    
  Fri 2014.09.26 Alishea Gibson (PLAYStudio) Storytelling 6, Character Design    
Week 5 Mon 2014.09.29   Story Work Session 2    
  Wed 2014.10.01 Dan Garcia, James F. O'Brien Story Pitches, Final Round    
  Fri 2014.10.03 Olivia Shetler Modeling 1    
Week 6 Mon 2014.10.06   (Character Design) + (Set Dressing) Work Session    
  Wed 2014.10.08 Dan Garcia Procedural Modeling    
  Fri 2014.10.10 Megan Gritzfeld (Telltale Games) Modeling 2    
Week 7 Mon 2014.10.13 Sisi Shan Workflow, Project Management    
  Wed 2014.10.15 Sherry Wong (Dreamworks Animation) Basic Scripting, Modeling 3    
  Fri 2014.10.17 Michal Makarewicz (Pixar, Animation Collaborative) Modeling Critique 1, Animation Collaborative Field Trip    
Week 8 Mon 2014.10.20 Eileen Bai (ILM), Eric Weber (ILM) Work Session, Rigging 1 + 2 11 Second Club Rigs

Hotel Transylvania's Zombie Rig

Malcolm Rig
  Wed 2014.10.22   Modeling/Set Dressing I Set Dressing Concepts (DT)

Set Dressing and Design in Maya (DT)

Getting Started with Python Scripting (DT)
  Fri 2014.10.24   Rigging 3, Modeling Critique 2 Rigging Quadrupeds in Maya (DT)

Animate a Quadruped Walk

Basic Quadruped Walk Cycle
Week 9 Mon 2014.10.27   Rigging Work Session    
  Wed 2014.10.29 Mike Ross (Dreamworks Animation) Set Dressing/Scripting    
  Fri 2014.10.31   Modeling/Rigging Critique    
Week 10 Mon 2014.11.03 Marissa Comstock (California College of the Arts) Rigging Work Session    
  Wed 2014.11.05 Gracie-Arenas Strittmatter (EA) TD Scripting, Animation 1    
  Fri 2014.11.07   PhaseSpace Field Trip    
Week 11 Mon 2014.11.10   Free Work Session    
  Wed 2014.11.12 Dan Garcia Animation 2    
  Fri 2014.11.14   Animation 3, Rigging Critique 3    
Week 12 Mon 2014.11.17 Jonathan Gleit (Dreamworks Animation) Cinematic Layouts    
  Wed 2014.11.19 Jeremy Huddleston (Apple), Brandon Wang (Pixar), Ben Wu (Symantec) Animation 4    
  Fri 2014.11.21   Animation Critique 1    
Week 13 Mon 2014.11.24 TBA Animation Work Session    
  Wed 2014.11.26 NO CLASS Animation Critique 2    
  Fri 2014.11.29 NO CLASS TBD    
Week 14 Mon 2014.12.01   Animation Work Session    
  Wed 2014.12.03   Animation 6    
  Fri 2014.12.06   Animation Critique 3

HKN + CNM Evaluations
Week 15 Mon 2014.12.08   Animation Work Session (Sutardja Dai 200)    
  Wed 2014.12.10 Janel Drewis (Telltale Games) Animation Critique 4 (606 Soda)    
  Fri 2014.12.12   UCBUGG + CNM Screening (3-5 PM, 100 Wheeler)

Animation Collaborative Reel Review (6-10PM)
Week 16 Wed 2014.12.17   FINAL EXAM (7-10 PM)